Increase your pay

Happy teams

This is real. We want you to thrive, not just survive. Our model was passionately and purposefully created so everyone benefits from using the Umpire platform.

Stability, freedom and support

Our platform was developed by 30+ year mitigation experts. We realize that a lot of people do great work in the field on jobs, but are overwhelmed by the thought of running or growing a business. You want to make more money now and build something for your future. For you, we've created a simple system that leverages technology and allows you to focus on doing the job right, while we do the backend business. This model allows us to pay you the majority of the revenue.


This is our primary mitigator that does most of the jobs. You commit to taking our jobs for a 3-year agreement, and we honor that commitment by sending most of our jobs to you. This brings stability for both of us. The average income is $131,000 +. You are not an employee or a franchise, and you are free to work other jobs. The perfect setup for transitioning Veterans or employees who are already working in the mitigation industry. This is for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to be their own boss.


An extra pipeline of jobs for existing, small owner-operated cleaning businesses that want to fill the gaps in their job schedule.

Just sometimes

This flexible option is great for individuals like firemen, police, etc... looking to make extra income on their days off. Earn on your terms!

Happy customers

No matter what option you choose, this has to happen. Happy customers are everything.

We are mobile

No need to go to an office, we designed our platform with a 100% mobile focus. Everything gets done in the field.

This is for you

If you like to work hard and smart, this is for you. Umpire provides rewarding and satisfying work for those who like helping people, enjoy working with their hands and appreciate seeing the instant results of their work.

What you provide

You need to have the basic tools: iPhone or Android phone, buckets, screwdriver, carpet knife, prybar, hammer, etc...

You need a vehicle - one that can tow a trailer or fit the equipment inside. Our model has used Subaru Foresters successfully. The vehicle doesn't have to be a truck because technology has made the drying equipment smaller.

What we provide

We provide experienced, real-world, online, and hands-on training at no cost to you.

We supply the drying equipment: Moisture meter, flood pumper, fans and dehumidifiers to use on our jobs. You don't have to take out a loan or spend your own money to buy and maintain equipment.

We deliver true support 24/7.
You can ask our industry experts questions about any job at any time. We are always here to help.

We understand structure and help you organize for success. This is what it's all about.

How a job works

1. We get the job.
We have contracts with insurance and property management companies.

2. We email you the job.
We get a digital work authorization signed by the customer before you go, so everyone's covered.

3. You do the job.
You document what you do on the job from the job with 100% photos. You make sure the work is exceptional.

4. We follow up.
We contact the customer to make sure they are happy.

5. We do the billing.
We create the invoice & bill the job.

6. You get paid.
We direct deposit to your checking account with email confirmation so you know it's there.

Requirements so everyone is happy

In order to make sure it's the right fit and that everyone is protected, anyone who works with our platform has to meet the following standards before joining:

Verified reviews or reference
We check your references or review history. We continue to do this as long as you are on the platform. Your average customer rating must be 4.5 or higher out of 5 stars. The bottom line is: you need to be customer friendly and communicate well with the customer while you are on the job.

Pass background checks
We pay for the background check that you must pass every year. Major driving violations or a recent history of minor driving violations may result in disqualification. Convictions for felonies, violent crimes, sexual offenses, and registered sex offender status, among other types of criminal records, are also disqualifying.

Lift equipment
Dehumidifiers are the heaviest piece of drying equipment, you must be able to lift 65lbs.

Complete our training
We provide experienced, real-world training at no cost to you through online and hands-on training.

Get contractors insurance
We help set this up so that you and the customer are covered.

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